Female Squirting – aka Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation – And How To Make A Girl Squirt

By stimulating the G spot, any man or woman can produce female ejaculation.

But I think it’s important to understand just how much the idea of female ejaculation – and even the existence of the G spot – has been suppressed over the years.

In fact, in some quarters the idea of female ejaculation (a.k.a. squirting) is being suppressed even now.

In 2014, the British Board of Film Classification refused to certificate – which means the film can’t be shown legally to the public – an educational video which contained a scene of genuine female ejaculation.

You can see a very succinct summary of the ignorance and historic thinking that goes into this decision here and here.

Slightly more surprising is the fact that lots of women suggest there isn’t a G spot, because when they put their fingers inside their vaginas, they can’t feel a sensitive area, and they don’t have any sexual response.

So there’s a lot of education and understanding needed here to put all of these facts into context.

It’s certainly true that a lot of women can’t feel anything when the G spot is stimulated – and there are many reasons for this.

First of all, for a long time women have been told that the G spot doesn’t actually exist, and culturally there’s a strong belief among women that their sexuality is not complete.

Certainly if you’re told something is true by everybody in society, including the newspapers and other publications, you may well come to believe that is indeed the case.

But in addition, the sad fact is that many couples make love before the woman is psychologically or physically prepared for penetration – she’s usually not sufficiently aroused.

And that matters, because G spot stimulation, and G spot responsiveness, requires sensitivity and “opening out” on the part of the woman – and this occurs in response to gentle stimulation, and emotional connection, rather than physical stimulation.

That’s particularly true among women who have suffered sexual abuse: these women seem to carry emotional and sexual wounding “in” the G spot, the result of which is that the G spot numbs out and loses its ability to feel sexual pleasure and emotional closeness until it has been sexually healed.

Without G spot stimulation, or rather, without the body’s response to G spot stimulation, female ejaculation or squirting is never going to happen, and any man trying to find out how to make a girl squirt is going to discover pretty quickly that it’s never gonna happen for her.

We need to understand that in cases like this, G spot massage (with gentle strokes and slow touch, combined with emotional opening out in support) is what will allow the woman to recover her sexual responsiveness and sensitivity.

And though this seems pretty far out to the majority of people who have never done any kind of psychological healing work, like so many things to do with the body, only when you experience it can you understand it.

Video – The Reality Of Squirting

Another thing that confuses people in the west is that female ejaculation and the G spot stimulation which leads to a woman squirting has been culturally suppressed for generations.

But the truth is that many cultures and civilizations have known about female ejaculation for a very long time – in fact Regnier de Graaf dissected the female prostate glands (which is what the G spot is actually is made up of – prostatic tissue) in the 17th century. And the Hindu cultures of India which took sacred sexuality, knowledge of the G spot, and the experience of female ejaculation incorporated it into a system of loving that has become known as Tantric sexuality. The word Amrita – which refers to female ejaculate – is a very ancient word. Female ejaculation has a long history!

We in the West have been left with our conventional model of penetration and sexual interaction which was very patriarchally based: it was all about men achieving pleasure, no doubt doing their own “squirting” into a woman, never considering the possibility that a woman might enjoy orgasm – let alone produce “female ejaculate” and indeed ejaculate it (or squirt).

So take a step back, and for a moment consider the fact that the G spot is made up of prostatic tissue.

It’s also highly sensitive, and it’s no surprise that the belief of many body workers, or Tantric sex experts, is that the G spot can store sexual trauma; there’s a parallel for that in the way that the body can store traumatic experiences in the muscles.

The interesting thing is that G spot massage can release such tension and the emotion which goes with it, thereby restoring the tissue to a state of sensitivity.

To increase the possibility of female ejaculation, to increase the possibility that a girl will squirt during orgasm, sexual interaction has to be slowed right down, and the erotic pleasure which both partners receive needs to be raised to the maximum.

This can be done by using techniques to generate intimacy and connection – such as eye gazing, or physical intimacy, techniques which need to be underpinned by an intention to connect, generate intimacy, and make intercourse last as long as possible.

There are many other aspects to this which are incredibly important as well. To start with, while not an attack on men, the regrettable facts is that the existence of the patriarchy (see more on this here) has hindered the development of female sexuality. Indeed, male researchers have told women that the G spot “doesn’t exist” and that the vagina has “no anatomical relationship with the clitoris”.

History of Female Sexual Liberation

When you trace this viewpoint back in history, you find that it started with Freud, who described clitoral orgasms as “adolescent” and “inferior” to vaginal orgasms.

Leaving aside the fact that he had very little data to draw on, and that this could be a manifestation of arrogant masculinity telling women what their sexuality “should” look like, it might just be that there really was some truth in what he was saying…. to this extent: that generating a functional orgasm through G spot stimulation is entirely possible in women whose G spot has been sensitized (or has never shut down due to trauma). The vagina is innervated with a different set of nerves than the clitoris, and those nerves are linked to sexual responsivity.

What’s Real and What’s Not About The G Spot and Squirting?

Perhaps the best guide here is the reported experience of women who know that vaginal orgasms produced by G spot stimulation are a reality.

These women say that these orgasms have a different quality to clitoral orgasms: they appear to spread more through the body, and they are more emotional in nature, and they certainly seem to depend more on establishing sexual and intimate connection with the sexual partner before intercourse begins.

Whatever the facts here, the arrogance of male researchers suggesting the G spot doesn’t exist goes against lots of research, both formal and informal, by women over a long period of time.

This research shows very clearly that not only does the G spot exist, but that stimulation of it can lead to female ejaculation.

For any man wanting to know how to make a girl squirt, that has to be good news.

And of course you have to ask why it’s necessary for men to try and disprove something that women are quite happily enjoying.

Perhaps underlying it is a sense of male insecurity: a belief that if women can really orgasm through stimulation of the G spot, it puts men at some kind of disadvantage.

After all, very few men are capable of producing prolonged penile stimulation during intercourse of the kind that actually will make a woman climax in this way – most of them ejaculate long before a woman is able to come through G spot stimulation during intercourse.

That may or may not be a bad thing in itself, but it is certainly corruption of equality and intimacy between the sexes when men can’t admit that they’re incapable of inducing orgasms in women by intercourse alone because they ejaculate too soon.

Indeed, blaming a woman for her “lack of orgasm” is a common male trait, simply because men generally want to penetrate and ejaculate as quickly as possible: the culture of honoring both male and female sexuality by extending intercourse for as long as possible exists in only a few quarters of enlightened sexual adepts or Tantric practitioners.

Blaming women in this way might simply be another excuse for men not to even pay attention to the clitoris – which is, of course, by far and away the most reliable way to make a woman orgasm, if not the most emotionally intimate!

Yet the paradox is that being able to make a girl squirt, or knowing how to make a woman orgasm and ejaculate, can be highly arousing for men and women alike.

But, alas, it seems that the urge to thrust and ejaculate quickly is instinctual, which is a shame for both men and their partners when much more intense sexual pleasure is available for the taking.

Now it’s been said that vaginal orgasms can’t happen without some kind clitoral stimulation – particularly by Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First.

But the truth of the matter is that there are plenty of people who practice Tantric sex or advanced sexual techniques who can testify from their own experience that it is quite possible to bring a woman to orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

It’s not as easy, and it’s a different experience for the woman, but as Betty Dodson has observed, even though vaginal orgasms take longer, they do have the added dimension of a woman’s beloved being inside her – which is very significant emotionally and psychologically for any woman.