How To Female Ejaculate

Ways To Achieve Female Ejaculation

No matter how implausible you might find the idea of female ejaculation, or squirting, the fact remains there’s no longer any doubt that women can ejaculate fluid from the urethra when they reach orgasm.

The question, I suppose, is why you’d want to do this?

And the answer seems to be that it’s extremely sexy for both the woman and her partner, and it can accentuate a feeling of emotional and physical release – and it gives you bloody good orgasms!

Beautiful Female Ejaculation
Beautiful Female Ejaculation – Read On To Find Out How

But there’s also something going on here about moving fully into the power of your own femininity, and exploring everything that your body has to offer you in the way of physical and sexual sensation. About finding out how to female ejaculate during lovemaking and intimacy.

And in addition, as women who have had this kind of orgasm can testify, there is an emotional quality of the G spot orgasm that goes to the heart of femininity and feminine desire; by expressing love or longing for partnership and intimacy and connection.

That longing for, or appreciation of, intimate connection is one of the most beautiful gifts that a woman has to offer a man (or, indeed, a female partner) and it is almost always the consequence of a G spot orgasm and knowing how to female ejaculate, perhaps in the presence of a man, perhaps not.

Now, as a woman you are probably well aware of the “normal” clitoral orgasm.

And indeed, throughout the extensive study of female sexuality that has been conducted in the 20th and 21st century, the female orgasm has almost always been associated with stimulation of the clitoris.

Yet recent research has identified two other kind of female orgasms – the vaginal orgasm, and the blended orgasm. There may be more, because people have spoken of orgasm is produced by stimulation of the cervix.

But let’s keep this simple: clitoral, vaginal, and blended. How do they relate to a girl squirting? How might they impact on your ability to discover how to make yourself squirt? Because, when all’s said and done, this can be a great experience for both him and her.

Sidebar: Video – A Woman’s Memory Of G spot Surges, Gushes, and Squirts!

Of course we know how clitoral orgasms are produced: by stimulation of the clitoris.

They tend to be very physical, they can be achieved through external stimulation and in some real sense they’re quite transient. A kind of “here today, gone next minute” orgasm. And they very rarely produce female ejaculation or squirting.

Female anatomy
Female anatomy – the parts you or your partner need to know about to help you ejaculate.

It’s hardly surprising to learn that vaginal orgasms are produced by stimulation of the G spot within the vagina. They have a different quality – deeply emotional, and profoundly fulfilling. These are the ones that produced the gushing of fluid.

And blended orgasm – well, that speaks for itself, being an orgasm that encompasses stimulation of both G spot and clitoris. And perhaps also, we might note in passing, stimulation of the cervix or uterus.

We know there are very few women who can experience orgasm through vaginal penetration and thrusting alone, but there are some. Around 15% apparently. They know how to make themselves come, sometimes how to ejaculate. Age (and experience) has its benefits! And at the other end of the spectrum there are some women who can only come through clitoral stimulation.

And let us not forget, of course, that there are other women – probably quite a high proportion of the population, in fact – who are totally unable to reach orgasm in any way.

Another thing we know is that a great many women are extremely frustrated that they don’t experience orgasm during intercourse, while their partners penis is inside them.

Indeed, the desire to come during sex is something that almost all women seem to share, but few women (probably less than 10%) actually experience.

We might note in passing that one of the reasons for this might be the fact that most men come too quickly for their partners orgasmic pleasure to be achieved through vaginal stimulation.

Indeed, most men don’t have very much staying power: indeed, most men will come long before the woman has received enough vaginal stimulation during intercourse to reach orgasm.

That’s because the average duration of intercourse – defined by the time at which the man ejaculates (which tends to put an end to sex) – is no more than 7 to 9 minutes.

Most women who can reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation require much more than 9 minutes of stimulation before they come in this way.

So there’s definitely a problem here: first, a mismatch between the sexes in terms of stamina and physiology; and second, a knowledge gap which means that many men and women don’t even know about the possibility of reaching orgasm through stimulation of the G spot, let alone the possibility of female ejaculation or, to put it more simply, knowing how to make a woman squirt or ejaculate.

Sidebar: Video – A Review of ALL The Research

But putting that aside for a moment, let’s think about what’s required for a woman to become more easily orgasmic, or to become orgasmic through penetration – whether that be by penis or finger – as well as clitoral stimulation?

Well, first of all, a woman has to have the desire to reach orgasm through G spot stimulation.

In other words she has to be willing to explore the possibility of learning how to female ejaculate and reach orgasm in this way.

Generally, I think, most women who explore this route to orgasmic pleasure are doing so because they’ve heard of the deeper emotional intensity of G spot orgasms – or perhaps because they’re fascinated by the concept of female ejaculation and want to know how to do it for themselves. Often their menfolk are interested and want to learn more about it.

One of the key things that underlies all of this exciting mystery is the fact that the clitoris and G spot are connected to different nerves. The nerve connected to the clitoris is the pudendal nerve, while the nerve connected to the G spot is the pelvic nerve. These nerves have very different functions.

And it’s the pelvic nerve which seems to be responsible for female ejaculation and G spot orgasm.

Interestingly enough, according to Deborah Sundahl, “the pudendal nerve is stimulated by the vulval area, including the clitoris, and triggers only the first third of the PC muscles. The majority of the PC muscles and the uterine muscles do not contract during a clitoral orgasm, and as these are the muscles that aid ejaculation, ejaculation does not occur. The contractions of the G spot stimulated PC muscles are also more powerful and more noticeable to your lover.”

So G spot stimulation, strong muscle contractions (which produce pleasurable sensations during orgasm), and indeed female ejaculation, go together.

It doesn’t mean that a woman who has a G spot orgasm is always going to squirt fluid a long way from her urethra; many women simply find that the female ejaculatory fluid – aka Amrita or the divine nectar – trickles from them, or maybe gushes out, rather than squirts.

What is that fluid? Click here for more.

But then that’s what you’d expect – if you think of male orgasms, they’re not all the same, so why should female orgasms all be the same?

Yet women say that when they’ve learned how to female ejaculate, they develop the feeling that it can happen every time they come.

Now, if you want to know how to ejaculate when you have an orgasm, there are plenty of informational videos and books around which are well worth looking at.

But one thing is clear: relying on clitoral stimulation alone is not enough.

You need to start stimulating the sensitive erectile tissue around your urethral opening and just inside the vagina on the upper wall. This is the clitoral urethral vaginal complex (CUV complex). That might be a new name for the G Spot!

Most women find it quite strange when they start trying to reach orgasm by stimulating this area – but with time, and relaxation, and through enjoying the physical pleasure and feelings produced by stimulation, it’s possible to become more easily orgasmic in this area.

And of course, the next step in the process is moving from G spot orgasm to ejaculation. Instead of placing emphasis on stimulating the clitoris during sexual arousal, whether it be solo or partnered, start to place the emphasis on the G spot.

And be liberated in the expression of your sexuality and the movements of your body; enter fully into the experience. Move in whatever way you feel you need to move, and if you need to make sounds, let them come freely.

By opening up to the energy that’s moving through your body, and by rhythmically stimulating the G spot, you’re going to find that ejaculatory fluid builds up in the tissue of your female prostate gland. This is what leads to female ejaculation.

The key to squirting is to push out this fluid just before the orgasm takes place – and most women prefer to have nothing inside the vagina at the point where they begin to push the ejaculate out.

Knowing the exact point at which to push takes some time. But once the muscle movements become involuntary, and a woman is familiar with the sensations, she can ejaculate at will.

G Spot Stimulation Is Emotional in Nature

But then women are essentially more open to emotions than men – a sweeping generality, but probably true – and indeed, it’s entirely possible that many of women’s feelings about life, about self, about family, and even about the world, are rooted in the lover energy of a woman’s sexuality.

That’s a short way of saying that eroticism and sexual energy is perhaps at the root of many of the longings and feelings that women experience.

So if the G spot is a focal point for stimulating the expression of these feelings – and certainly women who come through G spot stimulation frequently report that G spot orgasms are profoundly emotional in nature – it follows that if a woman does not enjoy G spot orgasms then she might be limiting her basic nature and her basic need to express herself in an emotional way.

As Deborah Sundahl puts it: “When you can ground your soulful and naturally ‘murky’ feminine desires into your physical, sexual center [she means the G spot], you no longer need to put the responsibility on your mate to connect your emotional longings to your sexual self.”

A lot of women seem to feel that releasing themselves to the joy of female ejaculation is almost “too sexual” – that they might, perhaps, be branded a slut or a loose woman …. Well, those cultural stereotypes have no place in a healthy sex life, especially where you are stretching your sexual boundaries beyond the conventional into the realms of female ejaculation…..

The truth is that a woman’s sex drive, when released, is more powerful than a man’s. Female ejaculation looks wild and untamed. It is arousing for both man and woman. And getting in touch with that wild and untamed level of sexuality can transform a woman’s image of herself – after all, this is probably her true self. As opposed to the one that society has conditioned, I mean.

Every response that comes from G spot stimulation has something to teach you about how you’re feeling, and probably also about the emotions and feelings that you’ve repressed to fit in with society.

Whether you are looking at the possibility of learning how to ejaculate or not, that means that the best possible response to them is to be wild and express yourself in whatever way comes naturally…….! 

G spot Stimulation With Toys

Of course is not always easy to stimulate your own G spot, and you might not have a willing partner around with a penis or finger that he can use to do it for you.

In which case you might want to use some kind of sex toy – they can provide clear and direct stimulation on the G spot….. Although some women say that the excitement of having a partner with them helps them reach the point of squirting, and it just isn’t the same when they are using a sex toy.

As you might have seen, the best G spot toys are curved at one end – perhaps in a way designed to resemble the “come hither” gesture of the traditional crooked finger movement that was always supposed to be the best way to stimulate the G spot.

But any toy that has a large lip at one end can do it as well – and in watching women stimulate their G spots on the Internet, one often gets the impression that thickness can be helpful as well….. (Oh dear, perhaps size does matter after all!)

You can buy this here (as well as other colors, and other G Spot toys).

 An elegant dildo used to stimulate the G Spot
An elegant dildo used to stimulate the G Spot