G Spot Healing 2: The G Spot Massage

G Spot Healing 2

Guidelines for G Spot Healing Sessions

Of course, not all G spot healing sessions need to go really deep.

Not all G spot healing sessions need to generate profound memories of trauma – and its probably better if they don’t unless the woman concerned is emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent.

In any event when difficult feelings come up it might be necessary for a woman to ground herself: that might be something as simple as acknowledging her emotions by giving vent to them, or it might be expressing herself in some creative way – dance, music, drawing, planting her feet on the earth.

And if she needs to be alone, then its important that she protects her desires to be alone and maintains her boundaries.

Deep and rhythmic breathing can also help in bringing a woman back to the present and grounding her in the current reality.

The experience of panic, should it arise, can be controlled by connecting with the earth or with a partner.

And no matter what happens, everything will be OK.

The Benefits Of G Spot Massage

Hopefully what you’ll get out of a G spot massage is a deep sense of connection to your partner and the experience of his or her love.

But be prepared for unexpected things to come up: Deborah Sundahl talks of how she experienced the grief around the devastating loss of her sister in childhood.

The emotional devastation and profound feelings that she felt after her death were clearly suppressed, but she was still surprised to find that these emotions were stored in a part of her body so intimately connected to sexuality.

That may be closely related to the fact that shed lived a life in which love and sex were separated – at least until she received G spot healing.

Here’s the location of the G Spot

Female anatomy the G spotSidebar: A Partner May Not Be Needed  By the way, you can do self-healing work on your G spot with a crystal wand, a massage tool designed to reach into the vagina and massage the G spot easily. If you do this, you can visualize an imaginary partner: God, the embodiment of love, or whatever suits you

But when you do this, do take the time to relax into the experience, make sure that you wont be disturbed or interrupted, and that you can really commit to giving yourself the space and time to undergo whatever healing is going to flow through you at this point on your journey.

G Spot Healing The Reality

Experts who work in the field of sexual healing will tell you that many women seek to avoid the process, and often dismiss others who engage with G spot healing as flaky or crazy.

Well, they’re entitled to their opinion: one has to assume that its born out of fear.

For women brave enough to embark on the route of G spot healing, the rewards can be profound, not only in being able to give and receive love more freely, but in a deepening sense of well-being and self esteem.

And, of course, reaching a much more intense and profound level of sexual pleasure and experience of femininity.

Sidebar: Pelvic Floor Tissues Hold Tension And Trauma As Well As The G Spot

The G Spot Massage Itself

So you’re probably going to be better off if you have a partner, even though you can do some G Spot massage yourself.

That’s because a partner will provide you with a touchstone, a rock, a point of safety and security.

If he or she is confident, a partner can facilitate you in reaching the emotional experience you need to have, and they can even guide the process for you.

Besides which, if you work with a real-life partner, there are other benefits to be experienced: the re-establishment of trust, for example.

Requirements When You Receive A G Spot Massage

So as a receiver of G spot massage you need to allow your sensations and emotions to flow, and you need to feedback what you’re feeling and experiencing to the person giving you the massage.

It follows that this work needs to be done in the space of emotional clarity and connection. In other words, if you’re feeling a charge of anger or fear towards your partner, you need to clear or discharge that in some way before you get started – otherwise this isn’t going to work.

Yet to open up to your feelings you need to trust, at least trust enough to allow the process to take place and be open to whatever happens as the healing session proceeds.

The massager needs to follow instructions, in other words to do what the receiver requests – that’s the primary role of the person giving the massage, in fact.

For women who are not used to asserting themselves or getting what they want, its important that they’re aware this is their time and space.

You need to ask for what you want, not only in terms of the Jamar Sarge itself, but in terms of whatever it is that you need to feel comfortable in the space.

(And clearly, the massager needs to be ready to receive those requests gracefully and fulfill them without grumbling or irritation.)

And the G spot massage needs to happen with intention: in other words, you need to open yourself to the principle of whats happening, to the idea of receiving pleasure, and certainly to the concept of trusting the person who’s giving you the massage.

You need to maintain eye contact with the person giving you the massage, and remember to breathe and relax as you experience the feelings associated with G spot stimulation.

And finally, and very importantly, you need to communicate exactly what it is that you’re feeling and how you want to be touched. That might include other areas in your body apart from G spot.

Entering into such a sensual and profound experience requires you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

But you’re a woman, and you are a sensual creature – deep in your genes is the knowledge that will allow you to open up to sexual energy, and perhaps even to let your body become one entire sexual organ, alive with sensual awareness and pleasure.

(And if you don’t feel this, don’t achieve it, don’t allow yourself to feel like a failure! Such a profound sense of the feminine will only come with time and practice.)

To reiterate the supporters role, that is to say, the person giving the massage:

You must provide a comfortable and safe environment without distractions.

You must have sufficient time and energy to focus exclusively on your partner for the duration of the G spot massage.

You need to give completely and freely of yourself without resentment or irritation, or thinking you know better than she does about what it is she needs.

You must listen to and acknowledge the feedback that she gives without interpreting, commenting, and trying to fix her by offering solutions. Those are not required.

You need to remind her to breathe as the massage proceeds, and you must remember to ask her if she wants to be touched elsewhere on her body than the G spot. (Heres a guide to Yoni Massage.)

So all that assumed, the G spot massage can go ahead.

When she’s aroused enough (this might help here), aroused by what I suppose we would call foreplay – touching, intimate connection, eye gazing, slow breathing you can gently slide a very well lubed finger into a very well lubed vagina. Her natural lubrication is probably not going to be sufficient.

While her supporter or companion massages her G spot, the woman who is receiving it can speak about her physical sensations, and breathe through any uncomfortable (or any pleasurable) feelings she receives, letting go and clearing her mind as an adjunct to the process of allowing her emotions to arise from their repressed state.

And if there is very sensitive area, or a very insensitive area, consider if it needs a particular kind of attention?

Here, the massager needs to listen carefully to what the recipient of the massage is saying, and should then apply slow circular motions to any area which is either insensitive or numb or painful. Try this general guide to Yoni and G spot massage for some ideas.

You see, the thing is that painful areas represent the location of emotional blocks in the nervous system.

By combining firm touch from the pad of the finger on the sensitive areas, with verbal communication about the feelings that are coming up, G Spot sensitivity can be restored.

Steady firm pressure is probably required, while the couple maintain eye contact and breathe slowly and deeply together.

There may be a temptation for the receiver to escape from the sensations or memories or feelings that are coming up – but its much better from the point of view of G spot healing to stay with the experience, and to report on it: I’m feeling something like rage and sadness, and it seems to be related to my memories of .. is a good format to use, although during the experience, whatever arises spontaneously is perfectly fine in every way.

If the the woman receiving the G spot massage doesn’t feel anything, then circular motions can be replaced with firm pressure all around the G spot.

And beware of distractions such as the receiver saying there’s no point, I want to stop or I feel ridiculous or silly. These are most likely not to do with the situation now: they are most likely to do with some historical situation, which is the very reason the G spot massage is taking place.

If pressure on the G spot becomes painful, then the massager can release the pressure of his or her finger somewhat, but for healing to take place the recipient needs to stay with the pain, and breathe into and through it.

The pain in the G spot is only a metaphor for the emotional pain that a woman has never expressed in her lifetime.

Having said all of that, its important that if the woman receiving the massage really does want to stop, then the massage must come to an end: this resistance could well signify the fact that she is not yet ready to face whatever painful memories are stored in her G spot.

The time will come when she is able to face them, but doing this kind of work before its time has arrived can be counter-productive.

One important thing to note is that when pressure on an area reduces pain or discomfort initially, and then transforms into a feeling of heat, this probably means something is being released, and the recipient may begin to feel some pleasurable sensations.

And of course its not necessary to massage the G spot to the point where a woman has an orgasm. Just working through the old emotional blocks is massive progress – but then again, if a woman does want a massage to orgasm (which may or may not happen) then of course the giver of the massage should follow her wishes.

And if the man or woman giving the G spot massage is actually her sexual partner, then the woman may feel that she wants intercourse.

G spot massage may lead to intercourse

Provided that the supporter is willing and able to provide this, then penetration can proceed.

But again its important that the recipient dictates every aspect of what happens, and that the couple maintain eye contact and keep verbalizing and breathing as they become more intimately connected.

And for a man, ejaculation control can be important here, because it will allow him to massage his partners G spot with his penis – a profoundly intimate connection between man and woman.

In the end, each experience will be different and unique. But whatever happens, this is the art of sexual healing.

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