Healing the G Spot

Sexual Healing and The G Spot

The G spot is a gateway to a more profound sexual experience than it’s possible to imagine – at least until you start exploring this gateway.

But a lot of women start to explore their G spot, and find that with a little bit of stimulation they’re unexpectedly entering into a world of painful memories and traumatic or emotional events from their past.

But this is a necessary part of learning how to make a girl squirt. As Deborah Sundahl says, “these women want to have sex with their partners and be open and trusting, but instead they feel an awful vulnerability that can end up causing distance and even rejection of the very people they seek connection with.”

So what’s going on here? (You might well wonder… I guess you thought this was all about learning how to make a girl squirt. But part of that is establishing the sexual trust and confidence which a woman needs to feel before she can fully express her own sexuality.)

Well, the fact of the matter is that the statistics of sexual violence against women in almost every society are horrendous.

Even if most women don’t experience rape, most women live in a culture where the female body is regarded as a sexualized object. Think how much cosmetic surgery is offered to women to prevent aging, or look younger or sport bigger breasts. Even labiaplasty is now available as an option to neaten what are natural female genitalia! All this is to make a woman’s body more sexually pleasurable or attractive to men.

These things strongly suggest that the female body is regarded as an object incapable of valid sexual expression in its own right – or perhaps that it is sexually inferior to the male body.

And those of us who know about body memory will be only too well aware that emotional and sexual wounds can be stored physically in the body.

Body memory was a concept developed in the 1940s by Wilhelm Reich, a pioneer sexologist and psychologist, who suggested that emotional trauma could be stored as memories in the muscles and organs, causing them to tense up and cramp, blocking the free flow of energy, and producing muscular blocks called “body armoring”.

It’s also clear from people who work in this field that memory of both emotional and physical wounding is somehow held in every cell of the body: it’s no surprise, then, that the emotional scars of sexual abuse or misuse – even every act of unwanted but permitted intercourse – could be stored as a “body memory” in the G spot and the PC muscles.

Although the field of psychotherapy is more than hundred years old, healing of trauma is a new field which is only developed in recent times. So there is much to learn about healing trauma in the body at every level – and then there’s the much more esoteric field of healing trauma stored in the genitalia and associated tissues.

Suffice it to say, however, that massage of the G spot is a technique that can be beneficial to the healing of sexual trauma and sexual wounding.

Women whose G spot is insensitive – a condition frequently referred to as “numbed out” – may find that massage of the G spot allows the whole area to open up again so it can feel sexual pleasure and sexual energy. Indeed, simple awareness of the potential of this area can actually increase the sensitivity of the G spot. And that is the first step on the road to discovering how to make a girls squirt, how to make a woman female ejaculate. And sexual experiences do not come much better than that!

But along the way the expression of those experiences whose traumatic legacies stored in G spot is (probably) inevitable. And if you want to show her how to squirt, this is something you need to get over, or through. And you will collect the dividends of taking the time and trouble….

Emotional Blocks to G Spot Sensitivity 

Deborah Sundahl, author of Female Ejaculation and G Spot, has written powerfully of her own experience with G spot healing.

In her book she describes how she passed up two opportunities for experienced massage therapists who were experienced in sexual healing to give her a G spot massage because she wasn’t able to trust them. She didn’t have enough trust in them to allow them to conduct this intimate and sacred work. Only by experimenting on her own with a crystal wand was Deborah able to overcome her reluctance and emotional separation of mind and body.

She began a G spot massage session using her own crystal wand, and noticed there was a sensitive and painful area of her G spot, which was highly uncomfortable when she put pressure on it. Over a period of time she discovered that it stopped hurting as she massaged it more and more.

Next she found that her mental desire for love and sex were merging – she gives the impression that previously she’d kept them separate, not allowing her heart to engage in sex acts, or to have warm feelings of love mingled with sexual expression.

Clearly this was some kind of sexual healing taking place through her G spot massage.

She goes on to describe how in one experience of self-healing she managed to weave together a series of images of her ideal lover and her enjoying sexual activity, and as she did so she had an orgasm. This was, as she describes it, “lovely, warm and intense”.

But then, she says, she was overcome with a deep sense of utter devastation. This seems to have been an emotional state where she experience a loss of self, of violence, of being consumed by nothingness, or death, or fear: whatever it was, it was clearly a traumatic memory from the past.

Now bear in mind that Deborah was working on her own, and didn’t have support.

If she’d been doing the G spot healing work which triggered this traumatic memory with a partner present, recovering her emotional stability might been easier (although in all honesty such things can sometimes trigger a crisis in the relationship).

This is the hazard of G spot healing.

The traumatic memories can be stimulated – and they then need somewhere to go. That might be via emotional discharge onto a loved partner, a process which is hardly “fair” if it relates to historical events. But such is the way of the human mind.

And that’s one possible issue for couples who are doing healing sessions which involve G spot massage: that they may plunge into the emotional residue or consequence of a long past traumatic experience. In fact, there are techniques you can use to avoid stepping into this void while still experiencing the healing that is available from G spot massage.

But for any woman trying out G spot massage, making sure that you are not alone while you pursue your quest for healing and/or female ejaculation, is clearly a sensible step.

G Spot Healing – How to Make a Girl Squirt

Now of course this isn’t just about the man. But many women find the support of their beloved to be essential in the exploration of G spot massage and the discovery of female ejaculation.

Equally, other women prefer to explore these things on their own.

But if a woman chooses to have you massage her G Spot, with the object of sexual healing, then you are not only helping her learn how to squirt, gush or female ejaculate, but you are also able to provide a feeling of safety and emotional support.

In any event, doing this work with another human who opens herself up to you sexually is a way of re-establishing trust and connection.

But bear in mind that not every G spot massage is going to release emotional trauma or historical sexual issues! Sometimes a G spot massage really is just about clearing sexual energy and letting love flow.

And so, if you’re the person who is fortunate enough to be giving your girl a G spot massage, then your responsibility is to make sure that she feels safe and trusts you. You also need to be sure  that you know to how to give her a G spot massage and – even more importantly – that you really do know how to make your girl squirt. This way, she will benefit from the possibility of sexual healing through the touch you are giving her.

We’ll find out more about this in the next post.

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