How To Make A Woman Squirt Part 1

Men have a part to play in female ejaculation as well as women!

Indeed, it’s often going to be you, the man, who’s stimulating his woman in such a way that she can squirt…

And in fact I suspect it’s often men who are the driving force, encouraging ladies to explore this most exciting path to orgasmic pleasure.

You see, the thing is, most men absolutely adore female ejaculation, both in theory and practice.

And even those men who doubt whether or not they are going like it seem to find that once they’ve experienced a woman’s ejaculate squirting out during orgasm, they want to experience it again and again!

Beautiful Female Ejaculation
Gushing or squirting – almost everyone is excited by it when they’ve experienced it!

So if you haven’t yet had the chance to help a woman reach the point of ejaculation – in other words, if you don’t know how to make her squirt – then this information should guide you to success.

But first of all, let’s look at 

Why Men Find Female Ejaculation (Squirting) So Exciting

In fact, most men say female ejaculation is really exciting!  It seems men get extremely excited when a woman comes with gushing fluid. (Sometimes, if a man’s never heard of female ejaculation, he thinks the woman’s urinating.)

So, clearly, being informed about female ejaculation is really important for men who want to enjoy this phenomenon.

Perhaps what underlies men’s excitement and high arousal is that men know when a woman ejaculates she’s reaching an intense level of pleasure. And since sex is almost always about such “release” for men, there’s a clear parallel here with female ejaculation.

And of course ejaculation is an obvious sign that a woman’s reached a powerful climax.

But there does seem to be something more about it than the sheer excitement of getting wet.

Perhaps this extra something is the very naughtiness of sex at its finest, appealing to our inner child, the part of each of us which loves sensuality and cares nothing for cleanliness or keeping things clean but just adores the powerful sensual experiences of lovemaking and orgasm.

Orgasm during intercourse
What is orgasm for? Pure pleasure, perhaps!

Be Careful How You React When A Woman Gushes!

It’s important for men to realize that they need to be supportive here. Negative reactions may diminish their partner’s enjoyment of sex, and even her sex drive.

We all know that women are susceptible to men’s criticism and ridicule, and in a sensitive area like sexuality, it’s important to be sensitive and considerate of a woman’s feelings around this extraordinary issue.

Another viewpoint of female ejaculation! (Well worth watching!)

Helping A Woman Ejaculate Successfully

As a man, if you’ve never experienced female ejaculation before,  it’s a good idea to maintain an open mind if your partner first raises the subject.

(If you’re raising the subject with your partner, it’s wise for you not to have too high expectations until your woman either knows more about the idea or has accepted it as something she can do and may even enjoy.)

Deborah Sundahl, one of the world’s greatest experts on female ejaculation, recommends that women learn how to ejaculate on their own first.

Thats because women who learn how to do it for themselves FIRST seem to have more success when they get together with their partner and try it.

But, men, be aware! Your partner may insist that you get involved right from the start. So you might want to encourage her to learn about squirting and how to do it.

How To Make A Woman Squirt !

What You Need To Know About The G Spot and Female Ejaculation (aka Squirting)

If you want to be successful helping a woman learn how to squirt, you must know about G spot anatomy, and how to stimulate her G spot. You must be completely receptive to what she says about the process and what you’re doing, and encourage her to speak up.

Perhaps most of all, you both must have a sense of humor about what you’re doing, and not be obsessed with achieving success.

Furthermore, you will almost certainly have a few tries which don’t result in squirting, but these will help you learn more about your partner, yourself, and your sexual interaction.

And because women like their menfolk to be engaged, and because they like time to talk about what’s going on, and will probably want to to explore female ejaculation verbally before they attempt it for real, you’re going to have to be considerate and listen to your partner as she explains her thoughts and feelings about the idea of squirting.

Video Men, Women, and Female Ejaculation

And men, don’t move too fast! Take it easy. Curb your enthusiasm about getting an outcome, or getting on with the job, and accept that the feminine mind and energy has a slower approach to these things!

Teach A Woman About Squirting & She Might Love You Forever!

Encouraging her to talk, drawing out her thoughts and feelings, will be very helpful for her, because it will help her understand exactly what is going on for her.

Now some of the interesting things that you need to keep in mind are these:

First of all, a woman is not likely to be able to succeed at female ejaculation if she has weak vaginal or PC muscles. Therefore, if her vagina feels loose, then she may need to do some Kegel exercises.

Second, she’s going to need to let go to be able to ejaculate – and that means letting go of preconditions, preconceptions, and inhibitions.

And if she’s afraid that she’s going to pee on you, she’s likely to hold back – and that will stop the process in its tracks. So she needs to empty her bladder before making love, and you need to reassure that shes not going to urinate… And tell her that even if she does, you really don’t care about it!

Third, G spot stimulation can have some unexpected effects. I mean, apart from you learning how to make a woman squirt.

For the G spot is a sensitive area, and has a nerve complex that seems to hold emotional and sexual wounding from the past in some way. Stimulating it may therefore bring up all kinds of emotional issues, including anger, grief, and joy.

If she erupts in rage after her G spot’s been stimulated, you need to be mature enough to accept that this is not about you, but about some legacy from her past which has left her with a sexual wound of some kind.

Remaining calm in such a situation takes great emotional maturity.

This woman talks about G spot trauma

So What Techniques Can You Use to Make A Woman Squirt?

Certainly you need to know what to do, because if your woman wants you to help her ejaculate, and you’ve no idea how to do it you’re not likely to be very successful!

So first of all find her G spot.

Next, start to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue (or fingers if that’s what rocks your boat).

By the way, all women have a G spot – so if she says she’s not feeling anything, she might need to do a bit of work on her own first – you can see some advice for women in this situation elsewhere on this website.

You may wonder what techniques you can use to stimulate a womans G spot once shes been aroused by clitoral stimulation.

Well, first of all she has to be really wet, so you might need some additional artificial lube.

Then you need to slide a finger in and gently stimulate her..

I think the one everybody knows is the “come here” gesture with the forefinger. Its a kind of crooked finger as if you are beckoning somebody towards you.

Essentially what you’re doing is finding a way of stroking the G spot from the part of it which is furthest away from you, moving towards the front of the vagina, in a way that your woman finds pleasurable.

If you’re sensitive to her level of sexual arousal – and most men find that they are – you’ll notice her arousal rising and falling as you try different techniques of stimulation on her G spot.

One of the techniques you often see recommended is to wipe your finger like a windshield wiper backwards and forwards across the area of the G spot from side to side.

There are lots of other techniques as well, some of which you can read about here.

So let’s suppose that she says she doesn’t actually feel anything. What are you going to do about it?

A woman can be completely unaware of her potential sensitivity in this area.

So if she feels nothing, you may be applying the wrong stimulation, or maybe she has a very small G spot (this applies to about 10% of women), or it may simply not be awakened yet. There’s some advice for this situation here.

You can see a video here on the same subject.

But generally, most men are going to find their womans G spot quite easily, and they will discover how best to stimulate it on the basis of how she reacts.

If she’s got sensitivity in the area of her G spot, she’s probably going to find it highly arousing if you stimulate her clitoris and G spot at the same time.

And then things are going to get more exciting.

Once you’ve noticed that her G spot is getting swollen with arousal, which is indicated by the change in the texture of the surface from ridged to smooth (with what seems to be almost like little nodules under your fingertips), move on.

Now, you can use your fingers to apply what can be described as a milking motion from the upper end of the G spot towards the front of it the part near the opening of her vagina.

And you can alternate this particular movement with a gentle and firm squeezing and rolling with pressing from side to side.

But The Best is Yet To Come

I guess it won’t surprise you to learn that it can be more exciting for your partner if you’re able to massage the G spot with the head of your penis.

The most sensitive area of the G spot varies from woman to woman: it can be very near the outside opening of the vagina, or it can be deeper inside on the top surface of the vagina (as the woman lies on her back).

This means you may find that switching from missionary position to rear entry (or some other position) allows you to stimulate her G spot more easily with your penis – this will depend to some extent on the shape of your erection, and whether it curves upwards or downwards or not at all.

Your lovemaking position will affect how easily you can stimulate her G spot with your penis. The ideal position varies between couples.

In any event experimentation is the order of the day, and when you find the best way to stimulate her using various slow and subtle movements, at least at first, she may experience pleasure so intense it makes her want to scream!

We’ll look more at this in the next post.