How To Make A Woman Squirt – Part 2

Let’s continue with our exciting exploration of the mysteries of making a woman squirt.

Knowing how to make a woman squirt can certainly transform your sex life completely.

One of the interesting things about the G spot is that it can numb out. Think how you sometimes see very harsh and fast thrusting methods, or extreme finger stimulation, depicted in videos of female ejaculation.

I’m guessing that when a woman has to be stimulated this hard, her G spot is basically numbed out through being abused. That might be why super-hard and fast stimulation is necessary to get it to respond at all.

You see, the thing is this: most experts on G spot stimulation talk about slowing down, about taking things slowly – an approach which really contrasts with most men’s desire to enter their partner, thrust hard, ejaculate and finish.

Certainly men who can slow down to match the pace of their women quickly discover that this can make sex a more pleasurable experience: basically because their woman has time to become much more aroused.

laughing man and woman in bed
Slow things down, men!

And when a woman is aroused, she is passionate – perhaps even more passionate than her man. So passionate, in fact, that her arousal makes her squirt.

As a guideline, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes of intimate contact and emotional connection for a woman to become aroused enough to enjoy penetration.

And apart from that simple fact, a lot of women would argue that foreplay begins long before a couple even get into bed together.

With long foreplay, women can orgasm with ejaculation if they’ve learned the appropriate techniques. 

The Advantages Of Male Ejaculatory Control

I think the major difficulty for most men in learning to control ejaculation is controlling their urge to enter, thrust and ejaculate which, as you know, tends to be an extremely powerful instinctual urge that’s hard to resist. 

But the advantages of not ejaculating, and going for longer lasting sexual arousal, do include the fact that a woman gets a kind of permission to relax into a space in which she may ejaculate.

And even better, she won’t be feeling any pressure to achieve a certain result (squirting or gushing) quickly.

And you’ll find Tantric techniques just as effective, if you care to learn them. And this is interesting, too.

Now, you can probably see that teaching a girl how to squirt is not as straightforward as you might have thought.

Women: Learning How to Squirt

One thing that’s absolutely essential for women who want to ejaculate – or indeed experience G spot orgasm – is that they are sufficiently aroused to tolerate G spot stimulation before you lay a finger on it.

If you think about it, sticking your finger straight onto woman’s G spot might be rather like having a finger stuck up your ass and your prostate rubbed before you’re sexually aroused – it doesn’t work, and it isn’t pleasant!

So assuming that your woman is aroused, probably by clitoral stimulation, that’s the point at which you can to take things to the next level.

And here you may run up against a major difference between men and women.

As you might have noticed (!) men and women seem to be turned on by different things.

For women, intimacy means a heart-heart connection, rather than a bodily connection. This is emotional intimacy, and it might be might be more important for a woman, at least initially, than physical intimacy, when making love to her man.

Because the interesting thing about emotional intimacy is that once a woman has established a real heart connection, the byproduct is sexual passion.

But for men, intimacy at the start of lovemaking tends to mean something different – physical intimacy. I’m sure you know how even the thought of intercourse can be sufficient to arouse a man to passion.

This is why it’s necessary for a man to slow down his sexual responses when he wants to make a woman squirt, or make her gush female ejaculate.

Video – how to make her squirt

Emotional safety and security

Although you might find it hard to understand as a man, the fact is that women are genetically programmed to need emotional safety and security before they can truly enter completely into their sexual nature.

Oddly enough, the G spot appears to be a key to unlocking part of a woman sexual nature and passion. As you’ll discover quite quickly, when you become expert at G spot stimulation, a whole load of emotional outpouring will be triggered.

I’ve mentioned before that stimulating and awakening the G spot can release the emotions associated with sexual wounds. But it can also release a woman’s need for intimacy. Your heart needs to be ready to open to hers.

Yet the interesting thing here is that men yearn for emotional connection just as much as women do: and for men as well, emotional connection through heart centredness can be a passport to erotic passion and orgasmic bliss.

Don’t underestimate the degree of satisfaction that you can get from relinquishing the need to ejaculate quickly and swiftly, and replacing it by a heartfelt desire for intimate connection in the space of pure passion.

As Deborah Sundahl says, … know that understanding women’s soulful eroticism and its expression, via the G spot, is one solution to the age-old problem of men and women having such a difficult time satisfying each other emotionally and sexually.

What this means in practice is that if you can’t find a way to explore the techniques of squirting in an intimate and emotionally connected space, you’re never going to be able to make a woman come with forceful ejaculation. You’re never going to be able to make a woman squirt.

And because of that, you are never going to experience the degree of passion and excitement during sexual activity that is your birthright – just as it is every man’s and woman’s birthright to enter into the state of extreme arousal and passion that lies deep in our sexuality.

For this reason alone, it’s worth changing your own sexual techniques and approach to suit your woman, so that the idea of female ejaculation becomes less of a theory, and more of a practical experience that you can both share.

By doing so, you’re going to generate intimacy and connection such as you have never known, intimacy and connection that go far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced, intimacy and connection which actually will show you the real meaning of being human in relationship with another human being.