Discover Squirting – Part 2

How To Make A Woman Squirt 2

A lot of couples think female ejaculation is a complete myth (or maybe a woman’s urinating during sex or she cant stop herself a condition called coital incontinence).

Yeah, right. The first time a woman female ejaculates – boy, does that ever change your mind about whats real!

And the first thing that runs through most women’s mind is Where did that fluid come from? Closely followed by And what the heck is it?

How To Make A Woman Ejaculate

So let’s try and find out whats going on, and how to do it deliberately. That’s what a lot of men want to do make their woman squirt. Are you willing? yes? Lets go.

To start with, female ejaculation is not always the same experience: sometimes the fluid squirts out in a stream, sometimes it gushes out dramatically, and sometimes it just dribbles.

And sometimes it can be produced in such quantities that its a real nuisance.

(Sidebar: yes, even if its news to you, women have prostatic tissue surrounding their urethra – its known as the Skenes glands, or the paraurethral sponge, or sometimes the female prostate.)

As to what the fluid is, well, debate continues. Some people think its a slightly different type of urine – which it obviously is, because the fluid contains PSA enzymes produced by prostatic tissue, which isn’t present in normal urine.

The thing about female ejaculatory fluid is that its usually quite sweet tasting and doesn’t smell like urine – it simply is NOT normal urine. Some scientists have gone to a lot of trouble to prove that this fluid comes from the bladder, while Tantric devotees say that it doesn’t come from the bladder at all, its just the physical manifestation of sexual energy.

Here’s an extract from Wikipedia: While current information offers no solid information about the source of the fluid, chemical analysis performed on the fluid has revealed that while it sometimes contains at least traces of urine, it regularly contains chemical markers unique to the prostate (whether male or female).

In the end, it really doesn’t matter – its the experience that is important.

So lets look at how you might produce this wonderful experience, and if you’re a man, find out how to make a woman squirt.

Sidebar: By the way, in case you’re wondering, most girls in porno videos are actually pissing with great force – but most women who GENUINELY female ejaculate genuinely know that what they squirt is not urine – it doesn’t taste or smell like urine, and it doesn’t feel like it either. And it certainly doesn’t leave behind urine’s characteristic smell when it dries on your sheets.

So if you’re interested in finding out where its coming from, simply do some research on the Internet – you’ll probably come to the conclusion that nobody really knows.

Knowing How to Make Your Girl Squirt

We’re not sure how many women ejaculate, but it’s probably between 0 and 100 percent.

Bad joke out of the way, research has shown that all women can ejaculate. Women who don’t seem to be able to ejaculate may have a way of clenching their muscles – perhaps because they think they’re peeing during sex – which directs urine back into the bladder, while their less inhibited sisters just let it flow.

The G spot Is Everything

As you know, with arousal, a woman’s G spot swells, and the surface of her G spot changes texture from rough and ridged to smooth and squishy. At the same time the tissue around the urethra, including the paraurethral sponge or the Skenes glands, start to produce ejaculatory fluid.

This fluid can be pushed out through the urethra during the contractions of orgasm. That’s female ejaculation.

However, a lot of women feel a sudden excitement during stimulation of a particular spot on their G spot during finger stimulation or vaginal thrusting by a mans penis, and suddenly fear they are going to urinate.

That fear stops the experience dead, because clenching the pelvic muscles stops whats happening and either forces the ejaculatory fluid back into the bladder or simply aborts ejaculation completely.

Video How To Squirt 101

Note the presenter draws a distinction between female ejaculation and gushing or squirting. Some Tantric devotees would argue with her about this.

Female Ejaculation

So you need to be confident and accept that you’re not going to pee – you’re about to female ejaculate.

And even if you do pee, as you’ve seen already, the fluid that comes out will NOT be like urine, so as long as you have some towels around, there’s no problem.

Depending on the force with which you push while you’re ejaculating, the amount of fluid expelled will vary – but you be comforted to know, perhaps, that the average amount is 2 tablespoons – quite manageable!

Make Her Squirt!

All women can ejaculate, because all women have the paraurethral sponge. A lot of women produce fluid during sex but think they’re urinating, which makes them tense, and then their inability to relax, to bear down and push out, prevents the release of their fluid.

As you can imagine, this is often because of an inhibitions about sex and wetting the bed. If that really bothers you, then empty your bladder before sex starts. That way you can be sure that what you’re going to eject isn’t urine.

Women: Top Tips For Making The SQUIRT!

  • The best way to experience female ejaculation is to strengthen your PC muscles. If you can contract and release them at will, this can help with the process of bearing down at the moment of orgasm when you feel like you’re going to pee.
  • In addition, you can have your man add clitoral stimulation to G spot stimulation – whether he’s doing the G spot stimulation with fingers or penis.
  • If you as a woman are familiar with your own G spot, then you’re more likely to be relaxed about the whole process.
  • Empty your bladder before you start; that way you wont have any anxiety about peeing.
  • And when you feel you’re about to have an orgasm, don’t clench up; bear down and push out any fluid which has built up in the Skenes or paraurethral tissue.
  • This pushing is critical to experiencing ejaculation.
  • Give yourself permission to let go and have fun!