What Making A Woman Squirt Can Do For You!

What Female Ejaculation Can Do For You!

To put it bluntly, squirting can keep your relationship exciting.

And it can keep your love and connection vibrant and thrilling.

So assuming that the woman in the relationship has mastered the art of female ejaculation, hows it going to play out in the everyday sex life of a couple?

Well, if a womans partner understands how her G spot works, loves to stimulate her, and loves the sight and experience of female ejaculation, you can pretty much guarantee sex is going to be a lot more exciting and passionate.

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If you’re interested in the kind of experience that G spot stimulation on female ejaculation during lovemaking can provide, there’s a great story at the start of chapter 9 of Female Ejaculation and the G Spot by Deborah Sundahl.

That description’s as arousing as watching tasteful and romantic erotica.

Because when a couple is making love in a way that engages the woman’s G spot and associated nervous system, she’s going to be far more open from her heart.

If the man is ready to enter her – both physically, with his penis, and emotionally to penetrate her heart – then sparks can fly in the union of souls and that is the best kind of lovemaking can take place.

This isn’t just about exciting and passionate physicality. It’s about exciting and passionate sex combined with a union of souls. It’s what people mean when they talk about spiritual sex.

And how healing it can be!

Squirting and Healing

When the universal energy of love flows freely through a couple, healing naturally takes place. Indeed, I’d argue that all spiritual healing is about the flow of love.

Be that as it may, if you want to experience the nature of true spiritual connection with your beloved, this is the way you need to go.

Tantric Sex and Female Ejaculation

There’s recently been a massive increase in interest in Tantra and Tantric sex. In fact, the word Tantra is now almost a code for the concept of sacred sexuality. (Wikipedia link.)

Introduced into the West by Margot Anand and Charles and Caroline Muir, Tantric sex has become the vehicle of choice for sophisticated couples who want to increase their physical connection, their intimacy skills, and perhaps even their emotional communication. This is the route to sacred sex.

Sacred sex basically just means taking sex to the level of a ceremony, a sacred process whereby sex becomes something greater, allowing you the possibility of feeling a connection to the divine within yourself, as well as the flow of sexual energy between you and your partner.

A few devotees of Tantra seek to give the impression that it’s difficult or requires some mystical knowledge. But it doesn’t!

Indeed, Tantra’s something that people can learn with ease, and the improvement in quality of their relationship is remarkable.

If you want to explore the wisdom of Tantra – and it’s a journey well worth embarking on – there’s a huge area of exploration and excitement open to you.

Tantra will allow you to experience a deeper connection to yourself as well as a deeper connection to your partner. You’ll be able to feel the flow of sexual energy, and connect heart and genitals with love.

Indeed, for those of us who  were wounded in our ability to love by rejection or abandonment as children, the healing that comes through sexual energy manifesting during Tantric sex can be phenomenal.

Emotional Connection Not Just Physical

Some people say that Western sex is too methodical or technical – theres an obsession with sexual positions, with delaying ejaculation, with ejaculation control, and with performance.

All of that leaves little room for the individual, reducing both men and women alike to sexual performers who are required to achieve a certain standard for the satisfaction of their partner.

Where is the love in this?

And there’s another truth that lies behind the value of sacred sex: healing the loneliness and abandonment that many of us feel deep down.

We all feel, if we care to explore our emotional wounds, the immature yearning for connection with a beloved which comes from our needs not being met as children.

And for women, for whom sex is the passport to the deepest aspects of their femininity, Tantric sex, accessed through the G spot, can represent the hope of fulfillment of their deepest desires within relationship.

So while we know that female ejaculation is a reality, that it’s natural and normal, and that the underlying structures including the female prostate have been identified as real and functional, some people continue to deny its existence.

Perhaps they are the people who live in fear of sexual fulfillment, or fear of connection at a deeper level with another human being.

Be that as it may, the truth is simple: female ejaculation squirting can be learned, and all women have the capacity to ejaculate.

Ejaculation can be controlled (by both men and women, in different ways), although the majority of women inhibit ejaculation by clamping down their muscles so that the fluid they would otherwise release during intercourse moves backwards up into the bladder.

By adopting the simple intention to expel the fluid from the body, and releasing the inhibitions which might restrict a womans ability to ejaculate, female ejaculation can become a reality for any woman who cares to try it.

The G Spot Is The Key To A Woman Squirting

If you want to know how to make a woman squirt, you need to get into her vagina and gently explore her G spot, which can vary between women.

The G spot tends to have a particular shape, but it’s usually located close to the opening of the vagina, and it surrounds the urethra.

Stimulation of the G spot, together with stimulation of the urethral opening, and perhaps also the clitoris, can drive women wild with sexual arousal and produce a massive orgasm.

But this is a G spot orgasm, which is deeper, more profound, and more intense than a clitoral orgasm.

The exact techniques of G spot stimulation are something which each couple needs to explore for themselves, so they can find the method of stimulation thats most exciting for a particular woman.

As you become more experienced in doing this, you’ll feel the G spot swelling as a woman becomes more aroused.

Indeed, it changes texture and becomes smooth and engorged with ejaculatory fluid.

And because the G spot is innervated with a different set of nerves to the clitoris – in fact it supplied by the pelvic nerves rather than the pudendal nerve – it produces a different kind of orgasm to clitoral stimulation.

Woman squirting as a result of G spot stimulation

Women need to understand how exciting it is for a man to see his woman ejaculate.

This is important for a woman who wants to ejaculate – if a partner is not supportive, a woman is not likely to have success in squirting.

Knowing how to squirt, for a woman, and knowing how to make a woman squirt, for a man, are key to an exciting sex life, but they are also the key to the exciting world of G spot orgasms. (Because only G spot massage can produce squirting and a G spot orgasm.)

But in addition, of course, sexual energy can become blocked in the G spot, and the G spot massage will release these blockages.

Any negative sexual experience can numb the G spot and cause it to be painful, and this may prevent female ejaculation from taking place.

But a carefully and gently executed G spot massage from a loving partner (who is ready to deal with any emotions that come up when a woman is stimulated in this area) can produce much emotional healing and personal development for a woman.

And after sexual healing of this kind, a woman may be able to move gracefully into her deeper femininity and explore those aspects of herself which are revealed in the world beyond squirting amrita.

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